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Sophie, Adia, Sophie's mom Bavana  and Doctor Jabari

Based on the photos I took in Kakamega, Julia has created Doctor Jabari, Keyra has created Sophie's mom, Bavana and Adia. Sophie was created in 2013 by Yue Chen. 

Sophie, a girl who is a genuine friend of Adia and is not HIV positive. She represents people in the community who are around HIV positive patients. They have concerns and want to help out. 

Adia is any of the innocent kids who have HIV without even knowing how and why. Most of children have no knowledge about HIV but are aware of the stigmas.  

Doctor Jabari represents many local doctors in the community working with HIV positive patients on a daily basis. These doctors are experts in HIV prevention and treatment. He is a reliable resource for the communities! 

Sophie's mom Bavana is a CHV, or a Community Health Volunteer. A CHV is a volunteer-based position that bridges HIV patients and doctors. There are usually a few CHVs in every village. They accept training from the doctor and look out for their communities.

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